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The elephants are back

Hey, nice solstice you've got there.
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Dropping in-ish.
Hey. I haven't been here for a very long time.

I came back to comment on a post by tzniuswarrior, so I guess I'll stay for a bit and poke around, see what you guys have been up to.

I'm connected to most people via Facebook these days, but I'm sad to realize that I've lost touch with many of you whose LJ's I used to read. It's a shame, really.

So how is everyone doing?

Charity thing
Bad excuse for posting, but someone thought up this advertisement-sponsored charity thing and it's got a LiveJournal code, so here goes. More people look at it and register, more whale-hunters get pushed in the ocean money will go to the Hayden Panettiere-sponsored Whaleman Foundation.

AdamDobay invites you to SocialVibe.com    

Or more directly through here.

So on 08.15.2008. 16:09 GMT+1, we said yes.

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Full picture gallery coming next week, stay tuned!

As for now, honeymoon get.
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A title message appropriate for someone who hasn't posted for half a year
Ooookay. So I thought that with the amount of time passed I would do the kind of thing that I'll let you ask questions and I'll answer those.

Here's some general ideas for topics:
* Our wedding is in one month and two days (international invitations should arrive in a few weeks now)
* I got a nine-to-five job at PAX television
* Still in Budapest for a couple of weeks, leaving for Szombathely on 2nd August to prepare wedding
* My suit is ready and I tried it on in June. (No, the colour doesn't resemble anything.)Collapse )

Blast away!

Hey, a post.
I'm not around anymore but still, happy holidays everyone!

(no subject)
There's a trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games which actually looks good (I hope the graphics will match the quality of the trailer's). And the segment with Yoshi and Tails plaing table tennis just looked very cool. That's a good pairing. Sonic and Mario on the other hand, I'm not sure. Sonic just looks odd in 3D, his limbs are just too anorexic for such a sporty kind of animal.

Need tech help quikk
1. This morning my laptop was OK.
2. I went to my course, tried to load it up, said FAN ERROR and turned off. Continued to say that.
3. Came home, called IBM, said I should order new fan. I did, they said they can install it in 10-14 days.
(3.5 Went to Vapiano with Wya to have lunch yum.)
4. Came home, disassembled laptop as per official IBM .pdf. Got dust out of fan and other parts of the laptop. It turned on, fan whirred. OS runs, backed stuff up. More silent than usual though.
5. Ever since the laptop works, fan whirs up on OS start, but then I don't hear the usual whirring. But everything works and the laptop is quite cold!

So now how do I know whether it's safe to use my computer or not? I have important meeting tomorrow at PAX and then on Wednesday so I need to work but I'm afraid to. IBM guys went home at four, so what do I do now?

Miss South Carolina
I never thought that there are really people who are this stupid.
And I never thought people who are this stupid could win third places at a nationwide beauty contest.

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Minesweeper: The Movie trailer

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