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Adam's corner

The elephants are back

17 October 1984
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My LJ is mostly friends only. Information about projects, lectures or other public appearances (including all media) will be available for public viewing. Personal posts are not available for the general public.
If you are a real-life acquaintance, you are eligible for access to friends-only posts if you contact me with your username and who you are. I sometimes also add nice people to my friends list, if you are interested in my posts and consider yourself nice, contact me.

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All text appearing on my LJ, unless otherwise noted, is my work, and may not be reproduced, altered, copied either physically or electronically without my written approval. This applies especially for the short essays, contemplations and research findings I post.
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Hello everyone, my name is Adam Dobay and I am a university student majoring in English and Film Studies in Hungary, Central Europe. I have been studying and researching comparative mythology and religious history for more than four years now -- with the general interest in myths, folk tales and the underlying subconscious connection points of humanity having arisen many years before that.

In the past four years I have been trying to raise awareness and spread the word in Hungary about the existence of comparative mythology as a science, as today mythology most often is categorized under 'New Age'. Since the beginning of 2004, I have been working for a Hungarian television station, PAX Television (no connection with the channel of identical name in the United States), which is a spiritual thematic channel getting into about one million households in the country (which country holds about ten million people as a whole).
The product of two and a half years of work with the people at PAX is the documentary series The Myth Within, which you can read about in this post.

Some of my research topics are or have been:
- The appearance of old teachings and myths in New Age and current day esoteria -- where they are many times distorted, simplified or otherwise damaged.
- Mythological archetypes in films, especially the Hero's Journey motif in Hollywood blockbusters
- Techniques of non-linear storytelling in computer games, and narratives in computer games in general
- The relationship of dreams and mythology (a one-year research in dream study resulted in a collection of more than 300 dreams, analyzed for dream typology and mythological appearances in dreams)
- The archetype of the Great Mother Goddess in pre-Christian Europe
My approach is a comparative one, constantly trying to find connections and common roots of symbols and of mythology in general. My search for the reasons for the many connections and similarities is now taking me into the land of consciousness studies, which is starting to provide some very nice answers, some of which have been worked into The Myth Within through the show's experts.


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